Microtransactions being tested out in Diablo III for some regions

by: John -
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I was one of the many folks who was happy to see the Real Money auction house go in Diablo III. That and a bunch of updates has made the game a lot more fun to play. Blizzard is still trying to look at making money in other ways though and what they are testing is sure going to get some folks riled up.

Blizzard will be testing some microtransction features and for now, this isn't slated to come to the Americas region. They're introducing a Platinum currency to facilitate this. Now, I don't mind it if everything's cosmetic but one of the features they tout is a timed experience boosts. This, I don't like as it will allow those that pay to perhaps level up quicker. 

Would I mind it if cosmetic microtransactions show up? No. Would I mind it if there was a purchase that can help you in the game? Yes. 

Let's just hope this stays out of the Amercias server though.