New Dark Souls II next-gen graphics comparison released

by: Chapel -
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I'm more excited about the Dark Souls II re-release this year than perhaps any other game that is due out, a testament to what a great game and series Dark Souls is.

A new graphics video has been released by Digital Foundry comparing the PS3 to the PS4. The PS4 version honestly was a little underwhelming. It looks great, sure, but it doesn't look like quite the stark difference precedent set by GTA V last year. I wish that the video took us to some different areas in the game that might let us see more of the improvement, such as the Iron Keep with it's sea of lava or the Shrine of Amana with it's beautiful watery ruins.

Either way, it still looks great, and a lot better. It's easy to see how much smoother the game will feel with it's increased frame rate, and all of the particle effects and lighting are noticeably improved. Lots of things to be excited about for sure.

Check out the video below.