New SMITE patch brings a new goddess, a god rework and tons of new skins

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Season 2 of SMITE is well underway and the first goddess of season 2 will be arriving very shortly. Season 2 brought us the new map, and tons of changes and Bellona, the goddess of war is no different. Bellona will bring with her a number of firsts for SMITE

First off, she will be the first true female Warrior to join the game. The interesting part of Bellona is that she is almost four different characters in one. Every time you use an ability, her in hand weapons change as well. Her default weapon is a giant sword. Use her first ability and she changes to a shield and short sword. Her second ability will swap in hand to a giant hammer and her third ability will change her in hand attacks to a long range scourge.

She also brings to the game a brand new time of crowd control. Hitting an enemy with her third ability will "disarm" them for a short time making them unable to use basic attacks. 

To get the full rundown of her abilities and some insight from Hi-Rez about her development. Be sure to check out their latest Developer Insight series and check out thee Dev Talk video below. 

Next up, the Frost Giant Ymir has been given a visual overhaul. Much like Zeus, Artemis, and Aphrodite, Ymir gets a cool (no pun intended) visual upgrade for his entire character. 

Next up we are getting some really cool skins in the next patch as well. First up is "Daisy Despair" Scylla, which really looks like it was inspired by Tim Burton movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice. Also we are getting "La Roca" Hercules a skin inspired by Mexican Luchadores. It's a shame they didn't base him on WWE's John Cena since he is the most OP god in the game by far. He could take 5 ultimates at once and still kick out at 2. Finally, Awilix gets her gold, legendary and diamond skins. 

For all complete list of patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official Reddit page.

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