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Live action short film bridges story gap between Killing Floor and the upcoming Killing Floor 2

by: Chapel -
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Killing Floor 2 is due out this year, and a live action video has been released as a bridge between the story of the two games. In the first installment, biotech company Horzine Biotech is experimenting with gene manipulation and cloning, when something goes wrong with the experiments and deformed, nasty mutants are unleashed upon the streets of London after security containment fails. The player character is a member of a special forces group trying to keep the outbreak from spreading any further.

This little movie, called Killing Floor: Uncovered, is, according to the Vice President of Tripwire Interactive Alan Wilson, "a fun little horror film unto itself, Killing Floor: Uncovered sports a number of tie-ins to Killing Floor 2, both obvious and subtle." It actually really is a surprisingly effective little horror short too. It's got the gore, the monsters, and the action going strong.

Check it out below.

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