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Prepare to be dealt your Hand of Fate

by: Jeremy -
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One of the lesser known games launching this week also happens to be one of the best. Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate launches today on the PC and PS4, and later this week on the Xbox One. I have been following this project since it was released as an Early Access game on Steam and am very excited to see it finally hit the benchmark of being an official release.

Hand of Fate is a little hard to describe since it is a combination of a couple of different genres. I would best describe it as Dungeons & Dragons storytelling with taroh cards and a hint of Diablo. It is just you and The Dealer, with his cards laying out the path for your fateful journey. As the cards are laid out on the table (in incredible fashion), it will be the luck of the draw and strategy the decide whether you live or die.

As you make your way through the game you will unlock and obtain new cards that you can insert into the deck, but know that the Dealer also has to put his own selections in there as well. It sounds weird but it plays incredibly well and is extremely addicting. The launch trailer for the game was released earlier today, which you can check out below, and you can expect our full review of the PS4 version soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog