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A bunch of rumors for Star Wars Battlefront

by: John -
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One of the most anticipated games of the year is DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. The game's been shrouded in secrecy, but here a bunch of rumors that just came out on the game.

The site has sprouted off a lot of information that should make fans happy, if it is indeed true. The game's set to take place across all movies and you should expect a pretty long campaign. It will run into Star Wars The Force Awakens, but won't reveal much as it will take place during the opening of the movie.

You can expect 64 player battles or 32 on each side. I'd love to see the PC version get a bump up to 128, but 64 is a good number. 

IF you love DLC, EA's looking to be very DLC heavy with up to 5 DLC packs scheduled. DLC will consists of three new maps, characters, weapons, and vehicles each with a specific theme.

There are a ton more details over at so be sure to check it out. Let's hope a lot of this rings true and if the game is scheduled for a month before Star Wars The Force Awakens, then there's a high probability that we'll be able to play it at E3 and November will be when we'll be back battling each other in the Star Wars universe.

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