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Mass Effect [untitled] - from the files of 'Of Course It Does'

by: Nathaniel -
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We still don't know what the next Mass Effect game is going to be called.  No doubt, the folks at BioWare are telling themselves it's going to have some non-traditional title that makes people think, but I think we all know it will just be called Mass Effect 4.  Maybe it will have some deep subtitle.  Maybe.

Another vaguely cynical thing that I feel like I need to be mildly snarky about this morning is the news that popped up on IGN that Mass Effect 4/[untitled] will have a multiplayer component.  What it will be is something we don't know, but BioWare is looking for a producer according to this Tweet from Senior Development Director, Chris Wynn.

Will it be more wave-based co-op, or full-on competitive multiplayer?  Hopefully, whatever it is, it doesn't suck.