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Season 2 of SMITE begins today

by: Nathan -
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The season 2 patch for SMITE will arrive early this morning and brings with it, tons of changes coming to the game. I already outlined most of the changes in my previous post, but Hi-Rez has put together a great series of videos describing in detail all of the changes coming to the game. 

The following videos all go into great detail about the new conquest map, the item changes, the god balance changes and the changes coming to season 2 of league. 

I am personally extremely excited for season 2. Having played SMITE for a year and a half, I am interested in seeing the shift in the meta with all the new items and the relocation of the buff camps. I also love how the midcamp harpies don't spawn in until three minutes now. Before it seemed like too much emphasis was placed on grabbing them in the beginning and if your camps were ganked then you were pretty much screwed. Also, thank you so much for that Hercules nerf.

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