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New Far Cry 4 DLC called Overrun, will be released shortly

by: Nathaniel -
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Overrun is the next piece of Far Cry 4 DLC.  It adds a new PvP mode called called, amazingly, Overrun.  Also coming to the party are four new maps and one new vehicle.  The maps are designed for the Overrun game mode.  The new vehicle is the Golden Path dune buggy.

You can pick up Overrun later this week either separately or as part of the season pass.

You can read more about it all right here.

With Valley of the Yetis on the horizon, I find this DLC news a tad anti-climatic.  All I've ever wanted from Far Cry 4 is some Yeti action.  If I could just skewer one with an arrow from the back of an elephant, I could die a happy sack of wet meat.

[via: www.playstationlifestyle.net]