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Kitana and Reptile will throw down on this weeks Mortal Kombat X livestream

by: Nathan -
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On the last Mortal Kombat X livestream, we got our first in game looks at both Kung Lao and Ermac. Kitana and Reptile were both in the build that they were playing but in true Netherealm fashion, they trolled the entire audience by saying that they wouldn't show off either Kitana or Reptile that day. They did say that they would show them off at a later date, and that date is this Thursday. 

Looks like we will get to find out Kitana and Reptile's variations and I am pretty excited to see how Kitana's variations because apparently in one of them, she uses Jade's staff in all of her attacks. I do love how it seems that each variations for the characters completely changes their movesets. The way I see it, if there are around 25-30 characters on the final roster, that is potentially 75-90 characters for the game when you take into consideration every characters variations. 

The livestream will take place on Thursday, February 12th at 3PM CST on their official Twitch.TV channel. No word yet on if we will see a new character reveal but they always seem to have some surprises in order with their livestreams.