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Ever wonder what Street Fighter would look like on the Virtual Boy?

by: Russell -
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I'm curious.  How many of you read that title and asked yourself "why would I ever wonder anything about the Virtual Boy?"  I'll be honest, the Virtual Boy is kind of a guilty pleasure for me depending on which game you're shoving down my throat (Wario Land FTW).  However, out of the gigantic Virtual Boy library of games...all thirteen or so...not one of them was a fighting game.  Well, that's about to change...sort of.

According to, someone in the Virtual Boy community has actually created a game called Hyper Fighting for the Virtual Boy.  Hyper Fighting is basically the Super NES version of Street Fighter II.  I kind of laughed at this at first, but after seeing some of the footage in someone's video review of it, it looks pretty good.  The game even has support for Super NES you plug one into a Virtual Boy is anyone's guess, but it seems to play pretty smooth.  Sadly unless you have connections in the Virtual Boy community you'll likely never get this in your own hands, but the fact that it exists is pretty amazing.

Check out the article over on Shoryuken for some more info.

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