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You want deep? Mortal Kombat X is DEEP!

by: Jeremy -
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Every time that I start to get a little bit worried about the progress of Mortal Kombat X, Ed Boon and company always seem to calm me down. I was starting to get worried about how the roster of the game was coming together, just as Nate has expressed concern about, and they go and release a new video that makes me forget all of my worries. The new trailer for the game, which you can find below, gives a little insight on the scope of the project and the goal(s) of the team.

The moral of this whole video is that Netherrealm is crafting what could be the deepest (content wise) fighting game that we have ever seen. There is just a ton to do and see in MKX from the story, to a crap-ton of online options, and the faction wars. They have only revealed a little over half of the roster, judging by the number of slots we have seen on the character selection screen (even though that could change before release), so there is still time for my other worries to be laid to rest.

Check out the video below and see just how much they are putting into this game. And on a side note, if anyone could advise me on where and how I could obtain one of those awesome Goro-neon-lights that is visible in the background when Boon speaks, it would be greatly appreciated.

(Plus, is that Mileena we see in action in the second half of the video?)

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