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Season 2 of SMITE begins

by: Nathan -
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The final touches have been put together and Season 2 of SMITE will begin very soon. Over the past month or so, Hi-Rez have testing out tons of new changes via their private test servers and we have the final list of changes via the official Season 2 patch notes. 

The biggest change for Season 2 is that the conquest map has gotten a complete overhaul. The map now has absolutely beautiful new visuals and some of the locations of the jungle camps have changed as well. Some over changes include the removal of "leashing". Leashing was a tactic used by players to walk away from a jungle camp if an enemy was approaching. When you did this, the jungle camp would automatically go back to full health. This was a great way to prevent opposing teams from sneaking in and stealing the camp at the last second. Now however, jungle camps will NOT automatically regain all their health. Instead they will regain health over time. This means that teams are going to have to be smarter when it comes to going for camps or bigger objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant. 

The second biggest change to Season 2 is that tons of new items have been introduced into the game and tons of other items have been reworked or completely changed. Now you should start to see a variety of different builds on gods in the game which provides for more variety. 

Finally, a bunch of gods have gotten their fair share of nerfs and buffs. RIP Sylvanus

We also got three brand new skins including "Primal Huntress" Artemis, "Jandroid" Janus and "Prizefighter" Mercury. A bunch of other god cards have gotten upgrades as well. You can see the new skins and updated god cards below. 

Finally, the new god rotation is Hades, Agni, Apollo, Thanatos, Hercules. 

To see the gigantic list of changes be sure to check out the official patch notes because trust me, there are so many changes, I cannot list them all here. 

Stay tuned as some more things are going to be added to the game very soon including two new Goddesses, Bellona and the long awaited Medusa! 

Let season 2 begin! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 

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