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First issue of the SMITE comic is available to download and its free

by: Nathan -
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Earlier this year at the SMITE World Championship, Hi-Rez revealed the first ever SMITE comic, which was created by Dark Horse comics. The comic gives fans a new look at the gods in the game that they know and love and the best part of this announcement is that the first comic is free. 

You can download the comic on Farrago mobile app or the Dark Horse Comic app again, for free. 

I haven't had a chance to read the comic yet but I absolutely love the idea of it. I am currently reading the Mortal Kombat X comic, which I really enjoy, and I think that this is a medium that is perfect for videogames to get into to expand their lore.

That is something I am a fan of. When a series that you love branches out into different forms of entertainment to give fans new stories and new ways to enjoy the lore of the game or games that they love. 

As for the game itself, SMITE is somewhat on a break right now. Hi-Rez is currently getting all of the new changes in order for Season 2 and we have a new goddoess, Bellona, coming soon as well. Be sure to check back when Season 2 kicks off and the updates start rolling out again. 

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