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Star Wars HumbleBundle is delicious

by: Chapel -
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Star Wars!

The current Humble Bundle has some of the best Star Wars games ever released.

  • Knights of the Old Republic: One of the greatest games ever made, even outside of the Star Wars universe. If there's anyone that hasn't played it, you now have no excuse.
  • Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: One of my personal favorite games of all time. I was actually just playing it last night. Great lightsaber combat, crazy high replayability and excellent customization make this a Star Wars fan's playground.
  • Dark Forces: Basically Star Wars Doom. Obviously getting a bit up there in years, but it's surprisingly still very fun and if nothing else is an interesting look back.

If you pay more than $12, you get these bad boys:

  • Empire at War: This is actually the only game on the list I haven't played. It's an RTS set in the Star Wars universe during the Galactic Civil War, but if you get it from the Humble Bundle it comes with the Clone Wars expansion. I have no personal input but the game was very well received, so there ya go.
  • Force Unleashed: This was a really, really great and well put together action game. Very satisfying combat, the force powers are freakin' ridiculous. I remember when the game came out, they were really something I hadn't seen before. The sheer level of destruction and physics that are involved with each force push is incredible to behold and never gets old.
  • Force Unleashed II: Pretty much the same as the first game, but not quite as good. But it's a package deal, so it's worth it for the other two.

Pay more than the average (which as of this writing is $11.15) and you'll get:

  • Battlefront II: With the upcoming Battlefront made by DICE, now is a good time to go revisit this absolute classic. This is another I still play from time to time, and it still has a fairly active multiplayer community on Steam as far as I know.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: It wasn't until fairly recently actually that I realized people generally did not like this game as much as the first one. I don't really understand why. In my mind, it did exactly what a sequel should do: It stayed familiar, and improved in every way on the aspects of the first game, while still having a fresh story and feel. If you like the first, you'll like this one too, even if you like it a little bit less.
  • Republic Commando: This one is a bit of a black sheep in the Star Wars games lineup, but just like the rest of these games, it's great. I read a post on Reddit not too long ago where someone said he remembered playing this game co-operatively with his brother, only to find out later the game doesn't have multiplayer, and it was simply that the AI is so good he remembered it as another human. A tactical shooter that definitely has a difficult edge to it, it is probably one of the Star Wars games with the widest appeal outside of the fanbase.

Every single one of these games is worth a purchase on its own, but to not get them all for $12 is just sinful. Act quickly however, these sales don't last forever!