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Mordheim: City of the Damned trailer showcases new update content

by: Travis -
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Developer Rogue Factor has announced that turn-based tactical-RPG Mordheim: City of the Damned has received a wealth of new content and improvements through its newly released early access phase three update. With the latest game update, a fourth playable warband, the Cult of the Possessed, has been added along with expanded warband management and new mission objectives in skirmish mode.

The Cult of the Possessed: Worshipers of the Dark Gods of Chaos, the Cult of the Possessed is a group of degenerates and mutants gathered together seeking to gain the favour of the Shadowlord by returning the Wyrdstone to the Pit, slaughtering all those they find trespassing on their master's domain. They of course boast their own skills, such as Terror, a passive skill which has a chance to enforce a leadership test on any unit that passes his threat zone, or Boon of Chaos, which will buff up a squadmate, increasing physical, mental or martial statistics.

Reserves management: Extending the Warcamp, the 'reserves' management option allow you to choose which of your units will head in and out of combat, allowing you to strategically place units in the heart of battle depending on the match load out you might need for the fight.

New Skirmish mission objectives: New skirmish objectives are introduced in this new update: Marked for Death have your hunt for a specific enemy unit - Crush their Will is reminiscent of capture the flag, where you have to steal the enemy's idol while protecting your own, and finally Wyrdstone Rush, where you will have to gather the precious green shards and secure them.

Mordheim: City of the Damned is currently available through Steam Early Access and is on sale for 33% off until February 6.