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For the peeps: first Showcase DLC available for WWE2K15

by: Jeremy -
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Welcome, to the Peep Show! All of Christian’s peeps can unite and celebrate as the insanely-underrated WWE superstar get’s his own Showcase in WWE 2K15 thanks to some new DLC. 2K’s “One More Match” Showcase is now available for download on the Xbox One and PS4 which will have players reliving the tumultuous time in Christian’s career when the World Heavyweight Championship with dangling on the tips of his fingers.

The bulk of the rivalry consisted of matches with Alberto del Rio and Randy Ortion, although you will see some appearances from other superstars such as Edge, Sheamus and Mark Henry. This pack gets you the new story plus 6 new playable characters (which includes variations of existing characters). You can find the content on the digital store of your choice for $9.99 or for free if you previously purchased WWE 2K15‘s season pass.


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