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KELUX adds a new GameCube adapter to the mix

by: Sean Colleli -
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True Smash Bros fans know there's only one way to play Super Smash Bros for Wii U: with a GameCube controller. While Nintendo has been keeping a steady supply of new Cube controllers on shelves, another crucial piece of equipment--the USB adapter that lets the Wii U use the GameCube controller--has been in short supply since November.

The official Nintendo adapter is still made of unobtanium, regularly running close to $100 on Amazon--quite a markup from its initial $20 MSRP. Mayflash previously provided a 3rd party solution at around $40, but now there's another option for consumers. KELUX has entered the market with their own adapter, running slightly less than Mayflash's option at around $35.

The KELUX adapter also looks nearly identical to the official Nintendo tech, with the only difference being the KELUX branding on top of the unit. Mayflash's adapter has an angled, flattened-out base that gives it a triangular shape.

In any case it's nice that there are some options for Smash Bros players hungry to play with the superior GameCube controller. Like the continuing amiibo shortages, the scarcity of this seemingly mundane adapter is just one more way Nintendo got caught with their supply-and-demand pants down this holiday. If they don't want third parties completely eating their lunch, they better step up production and soon.

Source: Nintendolife