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Evolve Solo Experience detailed

by: Rob -
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With AAA titles like Titanfall going online only, in the back of my mind I always forgot that Evolve, the 4v1 monster hunter by 2K and Turtle Rock, wasn't also going to be online only. It just seems like the kind of game that's ripe to neglect the small but significant number of gamers out there who don't have reliable access to the internet (or all of us for that matter given the recent, well publicized service interruptions over the holiday period and what not).

But that's not the case. All of the content in Evolve can be enjoyed both in online multiplayer or offline as a solo experience, as the video below shows. There's two matches there, each playing Defend mode, one as a monster the other as a hunter. AI fills the remaining roster of hunters and monster and playing as a solo hunter also gives you the ability to hot swap between hunters on the fly. 

I'm excited about Evolve because I feel the studio keeps making the right decisions on how to produce a game and the publisher keeps letting them. Providing a solo mode is a perfect example. I'm sure it won't see anywhere near the play time as online, but it's important to have it there. Rather than try and cash in 6 months ago on the original release date, Evolve and 2K instead, have taken the extra time to complete and polish what looks like a solid title.

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