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Ermac joins the Mortal Kombat X roster

by: Nathan -
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Earlier this week Reptile was announced for Mortal Kombat X and today Netherealm Studios held the second MKast for Mortal Kombat X and revealed that Ermac will also be joining the cast. The MKast was cool because we didn't just get to see the trailer for Ermac but we got to see a ton of in game footage of Ermac, Kung Lao and a couple of other fighters in action. 

Of course with all other MK characters, Ermac will have three variations. 

  • Mystic - Gains the telekinetic ability tele-lift and tele-push
  • Spectral - Gains ability to fly and use unique attacks from the sky
  • Master of Souls - Gains Soul Ball and the ability to Vanish to avoid damage

You can check out the full Mkast below or you can view it in the archives of their official Twitch page.Ermac does look cool but again, my problem is the same one I've been having since they started character reveals after E3.

You can read what my current impressions of the game are in my previous post about Reptile joining the game. Long story short, come on Netherealm, where is this "next generation" you keep talking about? Where are the new fighters?