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Metroid Prime Trilogy is on the eShop today

by: Sean Colleli -
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As promised, Metroid Prime Trilogy is available for the first time as a digital download today on the Wii U eShop. It's the latest entry in Nintendo's Wii classics re-release initiative, which began earlier this month with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Punch Out!! Like those previous games, Metroid Prime Trilogy will be $10 during its first week of sale, after which is will go for $20. Eeither price is honestly a steal for this trilogy, which collects three of the best action adventure games together in one package for something like 60 hours of Metroid goodness.

This is also good news for people who could never get their hands on the trilogy. When it released back in 2009 the game was a limited collector's edition with a rather brief print run. It bundles all three Metroid Prime games together, retrofitted with the Wii motion controls from Metroid Prime 3. It came in an attractive steelbook case and included an artbook. I was lucky enough to snag one back then, but when the game started getting scarce, secondhand prices on Ebay skyrocketed. It isn't unusual to see sealed copies running for upwards of $200 these days.

Hopefully the digital release will cut back on those scalper prices. In any case, this is probably the best deal yet of the digital Wii re-releases. Check out what our friends at Nintendolife have to say about the game. 

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