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IGN will have a character reveal for Mortal Kombat X on Tuesday

by: Nathan -
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So my night has been pretty disappointing after finishing the garbage that was the 2015 Royal Rumble match (F Roman Reigns), but there was one thing I learned that did make me pretty happy.

A few days ago I reported that Netherealm Studios will be streaming Mortal Kombat X this Thursday and will be showing off two unannounced characters in the game. Well, looks like we will only have to wait until Tuesday to find out about one of them.

IGN has announced that they will indeed reveal a character that will be joining the growing Mortal Kombat X cast on Tuesday. No word on what time or who will be revealed just yet. 

So it looks like next week will be a pretty heavy week in terms of Mortal Kombat X content. We have the IGN reveal on Tuesday and the live stream on Thursday where they will reveal another character and give us gameplay demos of both. 

My guess? Well, the newest issue of the Mortal Kombat X comic did reveal a brand new character called Erron Black, who appears to be one of Kotal Khan's henchmen. Apparently Kotal Kahn has been at war with Mileena for ten years to claim the Outworld throne now that Shao Khan is dead. We also were introduced to Jaqui, who appears to be Jax's daughter and best friend of Cassie Cage, so it seems like there is tons of potential for the reveals next week.