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An Indigo Prophecy related announcement may be coming a week from now

by: Nathan -
More On: Heavy Rain Beyond: Two Souls

Well this was a little unexpected. Quantum Dream, makers of Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls has apparently launched a new website called achillingfeeling.com.

The website seems to have a countdown clock of 7 days with words in the background written in the ice. This also appears to be the background that was used in the box art for Indigo Prophecy

So what could this mean? Are we getting an HD re-release of Indigo Prophecy? A sequel perhaps? Whatever it is, they are getting all my money. Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain are two of my favorite games of all time. I remember the first time I played Indigo Prophecy and was blown away because it was unlike anything I have ever played before.

Source: IGN