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Developer says pirate Hotline Miami 2 in Australia if they can't release it there

by: John -
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I have to say, I found Hotline Miami to be a pretty damn fun game. It's one of the few independent developer games that drew me in, even though it was hard as hell and the graphics are reminiscent of older 16 bit games.

Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number will be out soon, but it looks like Australia is banning the game. So what are Australians to do?

A person on reddit wrote the developer and his solution was to, well, to pirate the game. He'd rather have people enjoy it than not be able to play at all. Got to say, it's not common to see a developer suggest this instead of saying tough luck, you can't play it.

Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number, the final game in the series, will be out sometime in Q1 of this year.