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Mortal Kombat X gets a sexy new trailer and confirms Kitana

by: Nathan -
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Oh yes, there will be blood. 

Netherealm Studios has released an absolutely beautiful new trailer for Mortal Kombat X and as I suspected last night, Kitana has indeed been confirmed for the game. Kitana new design looks pretty badass and it seems like she may have gotten a new move.

In previous games, she has had her fan lift, which moves enemies up and then away from her, but it appears now she can summon a tornado that lifts them upward. The fan lift had to be performed at a close distance but it looks like this move can be performed from far away. We also got to see her Fatality where she chops both her opponents hands off and then jams her fans into their skull, slicing it in half. Pretty brutal. 

We also got our first taste of Kung Lao gameplay using his buzz saw variation where he can throw his hat in an area and keep it in place which sets up combo potential. 

Finally, we got our first look at Goro. No gameplay for him unfortunately but he does look pretty badass. Goro can only be obtained as a playable character if you pre order the game. 

Mortal Kombat X has never looked better or more brutal and I am anxiously awaiting its April 14th release date. 

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