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Check out some of the changes coming to season 2 of SMITE in the latest dev talk video

by: Nathan -
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Now that the SMITE World Championship has come to an end it's time to prepare for season 2 which begins later this month.


One of the changes that Hi Rez wants to make to the game in season 2 is to give the old gods and newer gods some changes to their kits to enhance the counter picks in the game. One of these changes which was seen in season 1 was the character Awilix, who has a unique ability to be able to pull gods out of the air who are jumping away either to attack or escape. 

Probably the biggest change coming to season 2 of SMITE is that Conquest map is getting a huge makeover. First off, the entire map is getting a giant face lift. On one side, Mount Olympus is brought to life and on the other side twin mausoleums and an erupting volcano. The Fire Giant and Gold Fury will also be visually represented on the map and can be seen from anywhere. 

The fire giants ares has been changed a bit as it has been opened up to allow more space for team fighting. The Fire Giant also has new attacks which force the player to move around and to give the other team a chance to force the enemy team to take more damage. The other biggest change is that camps no longer gain all of their health back after teams leave the area. Now all of the camps will slowly regain their health overtime. This is a huge change as teams will now have to decide when exactly to team fight the camps. If a team gets the Fire Giant to low health and then leave the area cause the other team is on their way, his health will still be low and the other team could steal it.

Finally, another huge change, and the one that I am most excited about is that the location of the buff camps have been changed around a bit. This is incredibly huge because this could in fact change the entire meta for the game. I personally would love a new meta as it would truly make it seem like this is a new season of SMITE.