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Hi Rez celebrates the SMITE World Championships with a new cinematic trailer

by: Nathan -
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The SMITE World Championships will be taking place this weekend and 8 teams from around the world will be battling it out for over 2.5 million dollars. Not too shabby. 

To celebrate this landmark event for the game, Hi Rez has released an absolutely beautiful CGI trailer for the game where we see Neith, Thor, Guan Yu, Fenrir and Ymir throwing down on the battlefield. Okay, who is the noob that didn't call Guan Yu missing solo? gg surrender at 10 plz. Anyways, the community has been waiting for this trailer for a long time and Hi Rez didn't disappoint.

I am absolutely hyped up for this weekend and excited for the future of SMITE as well. 2014 was a big year for the game and I am excited to see how it grows further 

In addition, there is also a free gem event this week as well. All you have to do is is play as one of the five gods featured in the trailer. The number of gems the community recieves will be determined by how many retweets this tweet gets. Every 10K retweets, the community gets 40 free gems which will be awarded next week.

For all the information on the SMITE World Championships, be sure to check out the official website for news, schedules, the official brackets, and ways you can get your hands on some cool swag. 

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