Sony is offering a subscription tier for PlayStation Now starting January 13

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PlayStation Now lets you stream various PlayStation 3 games to your compatible device, but the prices have been a little weird. Many games just seemed too expensive on the service, but that might be changing in a little over a week.

For $$19.99 a month or $44.99 for a three month block, you'll be able to access over 100 games on the network without any restrictions. $19.99 seems a little pricey to me still but the three month block, which brings it down to around $15 a month doesn't seem too bad.

I've used a few online gaming streaming services such as OnLive and had some pretty good successes with them, but have yet to try PlayStation Now. If you do want to try it, you can get a 7-day free trial when the service starts. 

Overall, I like the direction this is going, but I'd love to see the price come down to around $10 or so. I think that's the sweet spot for something like this.

SCEA Announces Subscription Service for PlayStation??Now, Providing Unlimited Access 
to Over 100 PS3 Games

Launching January 13, subscriptions will be available in two plans - $19.99 per month, or a three month package for $44.99 / about $15 per month

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced that a subscription for the streaming game servicePlayStation??Now will launch on January 13 across US and Canada. The subscription, available first on PlayStation® 4 (PS4TM) systems followed by other PlayStation Now enabled devices, will offer unlimited access to over 100 PlayStation®3 (PS3TM) games. That includes titles from major publishers like SCE Worldwide Studios, Warner Brothers, Bandai Namco Games America Inc., SEGA, and more. Gamers will be able to choose from a monthly subscription plan for $19.99 per month or a three-month plan for $44.99, breaking down to about $15 per month. A free seven-day trial that provides access to all games in the subscription service will also be offered at launch. 

??Users have been able to rent games through PlayStation Now for several months, and one of the top requests we get is for an overall subscription to the service. We??re excited to formally announce it today, as the PlayStation Now subscription service will deliver a ton of value by providing instant access to a large and diverse catalogue of games for one low price,?? said Phil Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Publisher Relations, SCEA. ??We know there are lots of PS4 owners that never owned a PS3, and this is a great way to catch up on games they may have missed.??  

PlayStation Now provides the ability to stream PS3 games without game downloads, installs, or patches. Users can save their game progress on PlayStation Now proprietary cloud servers and seamlessly resume their progress on any PlayStation Now-enabled device. For instance, users can start playing a game through PlayStation Now on their PS4 system in their living room and continue playing on their PlayStation Vita handheld system in their bedroom. Users that have subscribed to PlayStation Now will also receive entitlements to access the games included with their subscription on other devices at no extra charge.

To celebrate the launch of the subscription service, a free PlayStation Now theme will be available for PS4 owners to download starting in early January. Those who download the theme before January 31 will be automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win a one-year subscription to PlayStation Now.

Additional details on the PlayStation Now subscription service, including the full list of games included, is available here: