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Ubisoft announces Far Cry 4 DLC

by: Nathaniel -
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Ring in the new year with Escape from Durgesh Prison - the first DLC for Far Cry 4.

@Ubisoft took to Twitter this afternoon to bring attention to today's announcement.  You can find more at blog.ubi.com.

According to Ubi, Escape from Durgesh Prison will find players escaping from Durgesh prison (amazingly) after being stripped of all their weapons and skills.  The biggest bit of information is that there will be no respawning in Escape from Durgesh Prison.  Death is permanent, although you do get to keep any gear and xp you've accrued.  

It will be playable in singleplayer and co-op, and will run you $9.99 so you won't even need to craft a bigger wallet to buy it.  

If you have the Far Cry 4 Season Pass ($29.99), you can download it for free.  

Escape from Durgesh Prison is out on January 13.