Welcome to the jungle! Awilix and the rest of the Odyssey items are coming in the next SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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It's patch week for SMITE and this week is bringing tons of new content as we approach the SMITE World Championships in January. 

First up, this week is the newest Goddess to join the ever growing cast of characters, Awilix (Ah-Wee-Lix). Awilix brings with her a bunch of firsts to the game as well.

First of all, Awilix will be the first Goddess from the Mayan Pantheon to be added to the game. She is also be the first true Mayan Assassin added to the game as well. Hun Batz was added a long time ago but he took over the kit of the old Sun Wukong.

She also brings a game changing element to the game as her Ultimate Ability can shut down those trying to escape by using their leaping or jumping abilities.

Finally, if you are into that kind of thing, she also holds the honor of being the first Goddess in the game that runs around barefoot. Apparently she loves the feeling of sand beneath her toes and wonders why anyone would ever wear shoes. 

To get a full rundown of her abilities, check out Hi-Rez's developer insight that features a great Q&A with the developers about her design and some of the challenges that came with creating her kit. 

Next up, Hi-Rez revealed all of the remaining Odyssey items and surprised everyone by announcing that they are all coming in this weeks patch. 

The first is the "Buccaneith" Neith skin and is the latest Pirate skin to join the game. The other two Pirate skins are "High Seas" Sobek and "Privatyr" Tyr. I hope in the future, Hi-Rez starts releasing more skins that have a specific theme like all of these Pirate skins. 

Then we have the Nerd Rage" Cabraken skin and it is absolutely amazing. His voice pack is one of the funniest damn things I have heard in a long time. 

Hi-Rez then showed off the grand finale of the Odyssey. Many months ago the community voted on a skin which would be the reward for owning all items in the Odyssey. An angelic skin for Thanatos was the winner and Hi-Rez has finally revealed the "Archon" Thanatos skin. This skin is different than any other skin in the game as the skin will actually change as the match goes on. An important thing to note is that this skin can ONLY be obtained by owning all 21 of the Odyssey items. After the Odyssey ends, this skin will NEVER be available to purchase or obtain, ever again. 

Finally, the new god rotation is Zeus, Tyr, Bacchus, Cupid and Loki

For the full list of patch notes, including all of the god buffs and nerfs, be sure to check out SMITE's official Reddit page.