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New Street Fighter V trailer reveals return of a classic character

by: Jeremy -
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This past weekend, the Capcom Cup Finals brought with it a slew of Street Fighter V news. Not only did we get to witness the first live match of the new game, but we also got an extended cut of the gameplay trailer that debuted at the PlayStation Experience. In addition to a bunch of gameplay footage of Ryu versus Chun Li, the new version of the video shows a third face that we haven’t seen since the Alpha series: Charlie.

Charlie looks a little bit different this time though; what is with the neon green light on his forehead? Perhaps Guile’s bestie has been converted by the Shadaloo much like we have seen with other characters in the series. It will be interesting to see how Charlie fairs in the new game; will he be a pseudo pallette-swap of Guile or will he come into being a character all his own?

Source: Shoryuken