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Ever wondered how to break into the videogame industry?

by: Nathan -
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I am sure there are a lot of you out there wondering exactly how to break into the videogame industry.

Whether you want to be a designer, a programmer, an artist, QA or business management, there are tons of companies out there that are looking for people in your field of choice.

But how exactly do you get that first job? Hi-Rez Studios, makers of the first person MOBA, SMITE, have put together a great series of videos telling everyone exactly how to break into the videogame industry. 

There is a lot of great information here and it's very interesting to see just how many people go into making a videogame company. It's not a simple as just showing up on a companies doorstep and saying "hey I want to work here!" It takes a lot of hard work and drive, but if you are the kind of person that has these qualities, maybe you are exactly who a game company is looking for. 

The first part of the series can be viewed below and here are links to the next four episodes which are all up on Youtube. 

Episode 2 - Breaking Into the Game Industry Part 2

Episode 3 - Game Design

Episode 4 - Programming

Episode 5 - Quality Assurance

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