New The Last of Us add-ons available for Factions Multiplayer

by: Michael -
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New customization, skill, and weapon add-ons are currently available for The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Remastered multiplayer modes. 

New Special Executions are available across nine different weapon categories, each for $0.99. Some are excluded however on the PS3 version of the game due to hardware constraints.

Different weapons are also coming to Factions in the form of the Tactical Shotgun, Burst Pistol, Frontier Rifle, and Crossbow. All are available for purchase in the Tactical Weapons Bundle for $2.99 or for $0.99 each.  

A myriad of new skills are also available for purchase in the Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle for $3.99. Lone Wolf gives the player survival skills when away from team players, Second Chance gifts players a free health kit when they're out and have taken more than half damage, Jack of All Trades grants gamers grab-bag level 1 skills at a discount, Lucky Break allows for more ammo and crafting ingredients when opening supply boxes, and Lethal Efficiency allows gamers to perform a faster special execution. Like the other add-ons, each skill is available separately for $0.99.

The Misfit Head Item Bundle will bring eight new masks for $6.99 or for various individual prices. Rounding out the batch of add-ons are two separate Gesture bundles for $2.49 each or $0.99 for single gestures. 

All of this content is available now on the PlayStation Store.