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The backstory behind Dying Light revealed in video

by: Rob -
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Below you'll find the first minute and half into into Techland's upcoming open-world survival game Dying Light, followed by a 3 minute long story trailer.

The first gives some insight into what could be a few overarching plot points in the game, mainly that the virus outbreak is confined to the fictional city of Harran and the news report style voice over mentions the "Ministry's" plan to possibly destroy the city.  That last bit details a bit more about the differences in what appear to be the competing factions lording over the quarantine: Harran's Ministry of Defense being at odds with the Global Relief Effort. How these events will actually shape the course of the game isn't spoiled, but it does suggest a possible end game scenario to escape the confines of the quarantine before the place is "annihilated", and sets up future games or expansions outside of Harran should the quarantine spill over it's boundaries. It's interesting to think about the gameplay implications of a worldwide pandemic vs. a localized epidemic.  For example, support services and military action are still an option in the former (as evidenced in the 12 minute pre-Alpha gameplay video) vs. everything pretty much going to pot in the latter.  

The second dives into greater detail of the actual interactions of our protagonist, Kyle Crane, and his interactions with the competing factions within the quarantine zone.  It sorta looks like Mirror's edge meets Far Cry and gets attacked by Zombies.  Sounds good, where do I sign up?

Dying Light is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is scheduled for release on January 27th in the Americas, the 28th in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and the 30th in Europe.