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EA UFC "Legends" Update now available for free for Xbox One and PS4

by: Nathan -
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EA UFC got its sixth free content update today and add four new fighters to the game and they are free. The update includes four legends from various eras of UFC history. The four new fighters are... 

  • Mark Coleman - Heavyweight Division 
  • Matt Hughes - Welterweight Division
  • Rampage Jackson - Light Heavyweight Division
  • Brock Lesnar - Heavyweight Division 

I have to say, all of this free DLC has been amazing. EA UFC unfortunately missed some key features for me to make it an amazing game. The limited Create a Fighter, the small female roster, the ability to create female fighters, and the fact that there was no exhibition create a fight card mode were huge omissions for me. That aside, I thought it was a great game and cannot wait to see what EA brings to the future of the franchise. 

To see all four fighters in action, be sure to check out the new trailer below and be sure to also check out Jeremy Duff's review of the game.