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Serqet gets a brand new skin in the latest SMITE patch.

by: Nathan -
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Bow down you puny humans! Your queen has arrived!

SMITE got a small patch today and brought with it the newest Odyssey item, "Dread Queen" Serqet. The skin is pretty amazing and bears a strong resemblance to the Xenomorph characters from the Alien franchise. The skin also comes with a pretty amazing custom voicepack as well. 

The Match of the Day of course is Kali vs. Serqet and is called Hunter vs. Prey, but we all know it's Alien vs. Predator. 

Now all we need is Ellen Ripley and Alan Schaefer skins to complete the package. 

"Dread Queen" Serqet is currently available to purchase for 600 Gems. 

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