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Barry Burton returns in Resident Evil Revelations 2

by: Nathan -
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CAPCOM has released some brand new information about Resident Evil Revelations 2 and confirmed the return of everyone's favorite STARS member, Barry Burton. Considering his daughter is one of the main characters, this should come as no surprise. Barry is also joined by Natalia Korda, a brand new character to the Resident Evil franchise. Natalia is a little girl who has strange powers that allow her to sense enemies and hidden items. 

CAPCOM also gave us the full release schedule, prices and what is included with each episode. 

Each episode will include two playable scenarios one for Claire and Moira and one for Barry and Natalia. In addition, each episode will also include new content for Raid mode. 

Here is the release schedule for Revelations 2. Each episode will cost $5.99. 

  • Episode 1 - February 17th (PSN) February 18th (Xbox Live and Steam)
  • Episode 2 - February 24th (PSN) February 25th (Xbox Live and Steam)
  • Episode 3 - March 3rd (PSN) March 4th (Xbox Live and Steam)
  • Episode 4 - March 10th (PSN) March 11th (Xbox Live and Steam)

The complete season is available to buy in a season pass for $24.99. If you want a physical copy of the game, you can purchase that also as a box set will be available on March 10th for $39.99. The box copy does cost more but includes more content including the following

  • All four main episodes
  • Two additional spin-off episodes telling the side stories of Moira Burton and Matalia Korda
  • Additional Raid mode character: Hunk
  • Additional Raid mode character: Albert Wesker 
  • Four alternate costumes. One for each of the main characters
  • Raid mode Throwback Stage featuring four stages from recent Resident Evil games.

All of that content will also be available to purchase for those who decide to buy the game digitally.