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Hi-Rez gets into the Holiday spirit with tons of promotions for SMITE this weekend

by: Nathan -
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Time to sit down and have another marathon SMITE session this weekend as there are tons of promotions and sales going down to celebrate the holidays. The first thing that Hi-Rez has introduced is the new Holiday Chest. 

The Holiday Chest will run from now until January 14th 2015 and will contain six different Holiday themed items, some of which are exclusive to the chest. Each chest will cost 400 Gems. Here is a list of the items in the Holiday Chest. 

  • "Wreck The Halls" Fenrir
  • "Jingle Hel" Hel 
  • "Season Spirit" Sylvanus 
  • "Father Chrishmash" Bacchus 
  • "Nice and Naughty" Nu Wa (This item is chest exclusive)
  • "Winter Holiday's" bundle including a snowman ward skin and special loading frame (This item is chest exclusive) 

The great thing about these chests is that you can support a great cause as well. For every chest bought, Hi-Rez will donate $1 to the American Red Cross, which I am a huge supporter of. Please everyone, if you can, go donate blood. You have no idea how many lives you can save when you do. 

Hi-Rez will also introduce a Black Friday Gem sale. On Friday November 28th only, any purchase of Gems will net you free bonus Gems. Gems in SMITE can be used to purchase various items in the game including Gods, skins, and chest rolls. Here is a breakdown of the Gem packages, their prices and your bonuses.

  • Ultimate God Pack (Gives you every god in the game and any God released in the future) ($29.99) 600 gems free
  • 1500 Gem Pack ($24.99) 400 gems free (total 1900)
  • 2500 Gem Pack ($34.99) 800 gems free (total 3300)
  • 3500 Gem Pack ($49.99) 1200 gems free (total 4700)
  • 8000 Gem Pack ($99.99) 3000 gems free (total 11000)

Finally, Hi-Rez will also hold the Fall Harvest event this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, everyone will receive double Favor and up to 50 free Gems a day. On Sunday, the Fall Harvest event will begin. Everyone will earn 30 free Gems for getting the first win of the day bonus and a special Fall Harvest player icon. Players will also earn another 60 free gems for completing all six game modes.

Players will also earn double Favor, Worshipers and XP all day long. Finally, the match of the day will be a special Arena game mode with increased gold earning. The top 100 players who earn the most amount of gold throughout the day will earn a free 400 Gems. 


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