One and a half of a TItanfall, Deluxe, oh Deluxe, definitely

by: Rob -
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Respawn Entertainment has revealed the latest Titanfall bundle for purchase, the Deluxe Edition. It's basically one and half Titanfalls for the price of, well, we'll get to that. Titanfall is a marquee Xbox One title and boasts over 7 million unique players, but it hasn't been without its hiccups. From the missed opportunity of the lack of a story-driven campaign to world build, to that cheap feeling of dying yet again to a smart pistoler that wouldn't have even seen you had his targeting not given you away, to terrible matchmaking and lobby wait times in its earliest days, it hasn't always been pretty. But it has been consistently fun, because wall running from one end of a map to another is a blast. There have also been steady improvements in the 8 months since it's release, with new game modes added, lobby times and matchmaking tightened up, and other improvements. Though that smart pistol remains overpowered.

I do enjoy the game a lot and still sink a decent amount of my gaming time into it each week, seeing new players joining up all the time. Well joining up got a bit easier with the Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition doesn't really add anything to what's already out there, it's just the game and all of the DLC, but it does package it up nicely at one convenient price, $39.99 for PC and $49.99 for Xbox One. It appears that the Deluxe Edition will be exclusively distributed digitally, and is available now on Origin (and on the UK store is an additional 15% off that, sorry Americans) and November 25 for Xbox One. While that's not the best deal you're going to find for the standalone game on PC, which currently sits at just $19.99 on Origin and is often on sale, that is about as good as it gets for the game and the DLC, which runs another $24.99 and is on sale less frequently. Xbox One copies go for a little more, usually hovering around $39.99 for the standalone and $24.99 for the DLC. So if you want to jump in, it's a convenient way on PC, and actually a decent bargain for Xbox One.

The video below details what you will get in the Titanfall Deluxe Edition, and highlights a lot of the innovation and improvements the game has enjoyed these last 8 months.