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Lost Ark looks like an incredible Diablo-ish type game

by: John -
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As a person who's put in over 600 hours in Diablo 3, I've been a huge fan of the Gauntlet-like action that's kept me playing. Many other Diablo type games have came out, but they haven't really held my attention. This game might change that.

A Korean company named Smilegate released a trailer for Lost Ark and holy hell it looks utterly amazing. The game looks absolutely gorgeous and the action is very Diablo like. It looks like there's four player co-op and one of the classes looks like it pulls of a Gunkata move from the movie Equilibrium. It also looks like you can even ride a dragon. A dragon!

Like I said, it takes a lot to impress me in the Diablo genre, but after seeing Lost Ark, I'm praying this game makes it to the United States for me to try out. It looks insane and really, really fun.

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