Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC is launching November 18

by: Chapel -
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Final Stand is Battlefield 4's final (huehue) DLC pack, and it's launching next week. This is the one with hovertanks.

It has four new maps, set in cold and snowy Russia.

  • Operation Whiteout, which takes place during a Siberian blizzard
  • Hammerhead, which takes place around a submarine base
  • Hangar 21, a map which contains some high tech military equipment (they look like mechs in the trailer)
  • Giants of Karelia, a "vast" map which takes place around a weapons factory

They added some near future stuff, like a rail gun, hovertank, and an LMG equipped drone. I have mixed feelings about that, personally. One of my favorite things about Battlefield these days is it is one of the last big shooters that doesn't take place in the near future. If they keep this near future technology isolated to these DLC maps, that'd be fine, but I'm sure some of it, like the rail gun, will leak through into everything.

Either way though, Battlefield 4 has been freakin' great since the big patch about a month ago, so I'm excited for more regardless of my near future misgivings.

How many times can I say near future you think?