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Tales from the Borderlands gets a trailer: RELEASE IS IMMINENT

by: Jeff -
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Telltale has been fairly tight-lipped about Tales from the Borderlands, but since they released a trailer for it today, that can only mean that the release date is right around the corner. It's narrated by Dameon Clarke reprising his role as Handsome Jack, and starts out by laying out the Borderlands timeline before giving us a glimpse at the game's story. The first episode is titled "Zer0 Sum" so you can probably guess who makes an appearance... That's right, it's Patrick Warburton!

In addition to giving us an idea of what's motivating our two protagonists, Telltale has release a short cast list of the voice actors in the first episode. Most importantly, the protagonists, Rhys the cyborg Hyperion suit, and Fiona the Pandoran con artist, will be voiced by Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. As I said earlier, Dameon Clarke will be Handsome Jack once again, Patrick Warburton will be Vasquez (who appears to be Rhys' boss, or some kind of higher-up on the Hyperion ladder), Chris Hardwick will be Vaughn, and Erin Yvette will voice Sasha (who I'm willing to bet is not a chain gun.)

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