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Check out all the new mechanics and controls for WWE 2K15 in this new trailer

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K15 is hitting next-gen consoles next week and will the first time a WWE hits said consoles. It's a perfect time to introduce some new mechanics to the game as well. This is why 2K has released a new trailer for the game highlighting the new controls and mechanics. 

The first batch of new additions to the WWE games franchise is the new HUD with the new health, stamina and momentum meters. Your health meter starts in green and drops to yellow and red over the match. Your stamina meter also is color coded going from light blue to purple. The more moves you pull off, the more your stamina drops which can prevent you from performing signature and finisher moves. Finally, there is a number on your HUD as well. At 100% you get a signature move. At 150% you get a finisher. 

The beginning of matches will also start off with the new chain grappling system. It's a series of back and forth mini games until the first person hits momentum level 2. Then it transitions into the next part of the match. The easiest way to describe this new system is that it's a simulation. 2K seems to want to try to recreate the drama and excitement on TV as much as they can. They also want to go for realism as well. Each move has a stamina cost associated to them and guys like Big Show have low stamina and stamina recovery but deals out huge damage. 

I'm pretty sure I am going to be absolutely buried by whomever my first opponent is cause these new mechanics look pretty confusing. I'm sure that they will be easy to get the hang of after a while like EA's UFC game and It is nice to see 2K trying to add more realism to the game. 

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