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A Bird Story lands this week

by: Jeff -
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I played To the Moon about a year ago and it took me a month to finish. Not because it was that long or difficult, but because I knew I was getting near the end and I didn't think I could handle it, so I didn't pick it up for another three weeks. But one night I was apparently feeling brave because I fired it up and pushed through those beautiful final moments. My girlfriend still references that time that I opened up my laptop, put in my earbuds, and proceeded to sob uncontrollably. When she asked me what was wrong, all I could do was mutter about rabbits and astronauts.

On that note, the creator of To the Moon, Kan Gao, has a new game out this week called A Bird Story. It's a wordless, one hour short about a young imaginative boy who comes across an injured bird. Apparently, this game is much more light-hearted and whimsical than To the Moon, which is good because I'm a grown-ass man that has important adult stuff to do besides cry my eyes out all night.

A Bird Story is available on Steam, the Humble Store, and GOG right now at a first-week discount of $4.24 (normally $4.99), or you could get the soundtrack with the game for a discounted price of $5.94 (normally $6.99).