Nintendo and Loot Crate team up to bring Amiibo's to everyone

by: Nathan -
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I keep hearing about this Loot Crate thing and I honestly didn't really know anything about it until now. Apparently you subscribe to their service and every month they will send you a box filled with tons of great, geeky items based on that months theme. Well Loot Crate has teamed with Nintendo to bring gamers everywhere Amiibo's! 

Here is how it works. There will be a special subscription service that one can sign up for. Subscribers will receive 10 pre-selected Amiibo's spread out over three separate crates over the holiday season. Additionally, there are some surprise items in those crates for Super Smash Brothers fans as well. 

This seems like an amazing deal for someone who doesn't want to constantly travel to the store to buy Amiibo's. I also how this seems like it will be an incredibly easy way to get your hands on some Amiibo's without having to worry about them being sold out because I have a feeling these are going to be hot items this holiday season. 

Source: Shacknews