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Evolve adds a new trapper to the roster

by: Jeff -
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A new hunter is getting thrown into the mix in Evolve. Abe is the third trapper to be added to the roster of monster hunters, and he's got an interesting arsenal of tools at his disposal. In addition to the mobile arena that every trapper has, Abe has a Tracking Dart, Stasis Grenade, and a Custom Shotgun with a variable spread.

The Tracking Dart can be fired directly at the monster, or placed on some bait for it to pick up and eat. So if you can land a hit on the monster, or get it to take the bait, you've got a bead on it for the rest of the match. The Stasis Grenades have a field that severely slow down the monster. Since you have five of them, you can lock them down if you accurately predict where they'll run. The Custom Shotgun changes it's spread depending on how quickly you're firing. If you fire off your shots in quick succession, it'll narrow the spread into an intense close range blast. If you pace yourself, you'll have longer-range shots with better accuracy.

A couple screenshots have been released, giving us a picture of Abe and  his Stasis Grenades. If you want to see Abe in action, there will be an Evolve live stream on Friday November 7th at 3pm PT. If you want to read more about Abe or Evolve, you can check out the official blog here