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Advanced Warfare developer says he would like to see another WWII Call of Duty; in a related story, my heart is racing.

by: Chapel -
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I have been saying this for years, Call of Duty needs to go back to WWII and use modern hardware to finally give it the production value it deserves. And Sledgehammer's Michael Condry agrees!

He talks about how Band of Brothers is one of his favorite TV series, and of course mentions Saving Private Ryan. All of the WWII Call of Dutys tried to copy those movies anyway, so now that we can make games that really and truly do have production values comparable to movies, a WWII Call of Duty could really blow us all away.

They also discuss in the interview how WWII was a real hero's war, one where we were all fighting an undeniably evil force, and how well that lends itself to cinema. It's actually a very interesting discussion. They get into the morality behind making Vietnam games, and if making a game about ISIS would be crossing any lines.

Read the interview here, it's a good read even if you aren't interested in Call of Duty. Michael Condry seems like a really smart guy, it's no wonder he was behind one of the best Call of Dutys in a long time.