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Grand Theft Auto V first person preview will make you hate Rockstar for making a game so great you have to buy it twice

by: Chapel -
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Dang it.

Footage of the updated Grand Theft Auto V's first person mode has been released, and holy crap it is so awesome. I was planning on not buying the game again, just on the principle of having already bought it once, but dang it, I have to buy it again now. It's that cool.

The gunplay isn't the only thing in first person. In fact, it seems like that isn't even the main feature of it. Everything is in first person, and it all looks so freakin' detailed and polished, but I don't know why that surprises me when it's a Rockstar game.

As begrudging as I feel about all this, I have to give them credit. It really doesn't seem like a tacked on feature, it seems like an entirely new way to experience one of the best games of the last generation. Now, with the port---er, version 1.5?---on the current generation, it's likely to end up being one of the best games of this generation too.

Ugh. Just take my money and be done with it, you crafty you-know-whats.