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SEGA to release a second batch of remastered arcade hits for 3DS

by: Jeff -
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Living in the future is weird. If a time-warp opened up to 1995 so we could go back to talk to our younger selves, I imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Future Self: "Past me! I come to you with tidings of the 21st century!"

Past Self: "Holy Schnikes! What mysterious future-magic do you have to show me?"

FS: "The Nintendo 3DS! It's a gameboy that can connect to the internet and play games in 3D!"

PS: "Wow, what games do you play on it?"

FS: "How about some Tomadochi Life?"

PS: "Wow! That's....kind of weird. I don't get it. What else do you play on it?"

FS: "Well, how about a 3D remake of After Burner II!?"

PS: "Didn't that come out, like, almost ten years ago?"

FS: "Yeah. But in the future it's retro. Nostalgia is a powerful thing in the 2010s- everyone is buying their old games all over again as High Definition remakes to make themselves feel young again. Oh, man! Is that my old copy of Earthbound?"

PS: "Uh, yeah?"

FS: "Gimmie! I'm gonna sell that and make a fortune!"

PS: "Well, can you at least give some advice for the future?"

FS: "Yes. Avoid it at all costs." *Fades away*

On that note, SEGA is set to release some more of their old arcade games for the 3DS. Starting early in 2015, we'll be getting fully remastered versions of several primo vintage arcade hits, that will include some extra content in the form of new modes, options and original musical tracks. The arcade parade will start with 3D After Burner II, and on a monthly basis we'll start seeing games like 3D Fantasy Zone3D OutRun3D Fantasy Zone II, and 3D Thunder Blade. All of the games will be $5.00 each, and will be available for download through the eShop on the 3DS.