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2K reveals the Superstar Studio for WWE 2K15

by: Nathan -
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A few days ago 2K confirmed that the Paint Tool would not be returning in the next-gen versions of WWE 2K15 and that really made fans upset. The Paint Tool was used by the talented creators to make logos, tattoos and much more for the community to use to update the WWE Superstars in the game. The fact of the mater is that the Paint Tool is pretty much worthless now because 2K has introduced the Superstar Studio. 

The Superstar Studio, exclusive to the PS4 and Xbox One version now allows players to use their PC to upload pictures of logos, tattoos, original designs and even their own faces to the community servers and then use them in game. This feature has a ridiculous amount of potential. A Superstar gets a new shirt? Instantly put it in the game. A Superstar is missing from the game? Upload their face and they are in. The possibilities are almost endless and I absolutely cannot wait to see what the community can come up with. 

Be sure to check out the trailer showing off the Superstar Studio below. 

WWE 2K15 hits PS4 and Xbox One on November 18th. 

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